About Us

Salsa Gonzales is a small batch condiment company based on Gonzales Beach in Victoria BC, specializing in hot sauce, pickles, preserves and more!

The Salsa Gonzales story began from the founder - Chris Jones' desire to give Christmas presents with a more personal touch.

Let's face it, every year our basements get a little more stuffed with the unwanted presents arbitrarily bought for us because uncle or auntie so-and-so thought we might need another gadget or doo-dad. Well I didn't want to take part in that any more. I'd rather give you something that either you'll love, or won't feel bad about re-gifting or dumping down the sink and throwing the container into the recycle box.

And guess what! Its turns out people loved my little home made goodies! So much so, that people wanted more and weren't shy about offering money to pay for it! That's when I knew I had a business on my hands. And not long after I was inquiring about a commissary kitchen, quitting my job, and selling my wares at the farmer's markets 4 days a week.

That was March 2020. Now in 2023 Salsa Gonzales can be found in almost 20 outlets, with the lofty goal of having over 100 outlets by the end of the year. We (I) couldn't be any more grateful to those that helped me get this business off the ground. From the first tasters and early customers that would contact me from Facebook Marketplace and buy sauce out of my trunk - to the people who I've never even met that order my sauce from my website because they heard it was great. Thank you so much. From the bottom of my spicy-ass heart.


Chris Jones

Salsa Gonzales